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We have launched our exciting Affiliate Program and you are invited to join our fantastic program free. As a member of the Affiliate Program, you will earn commissions on each sale and on the sales of your sub-affiliates. This is not just another Affiliate Program - ours is multi-tiered and so the possibility of "making a quid" are increased dramatically. Earn up to 50% in commissions plus a percentage on the sales of your sub-affiliates. SIGN UP NOW!!

Program Benefits

  • FREE Sign up & Instant Application Approval - 100% Risk Free
  • Up to 50% in Commissions. More when you sign up a sub-affiliate.
  • Commissions settled monthly
  • Recurring Commissions on some Products & Services
  • Advanced Online Reporting & Tracking Tools
  • Real Time Tracking of all your Sales and Leads
  • Performance Rewards for higher achieving Affiliates
  • Free Program Support. We're here to help you.
Affiliate Commission Structure

All Affiliates will earn a minimum of 7% in Referral Commissions and up to a huge 50% for some Products & Services (such as Web Hosting & our Email Campaign services). There are also Bonuses available when Silver and Gold milestones are reached, meaning that you can potentially earn 60 & 70% in Referral Commissions. Sign up to our VIPSilver or VIPGold Membership to earn a minimum 10% and a minimum of 60% on our special Products & Services. SIGN UP NOW TO VIEW OUR FULL PAYMENT STRUCTURE.

How does this Affiliate Program work?

You simply place special tracking links into your website or emails that you send to your clients. Each time a visitor clicks from your website to one of ours, the click is tracked and a sale is recorded when the visitor places a website order to purchase our Products & Services. You will earn a minimum of 7 % in Referral Commissions and up to a huge 50% Referral Commission on some Products & Services. If a website visitor does not purchase immediately but does so within 60 days of first visiting, you will still get a Referral Commission.

Begin earning Affiliate Commissions in

3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Complete the Application Form

Complete the application form. Please make sure you enter all required fields indicated in bold. If the page does not load within 10 seconds, visit to submit your Application for Instant Approval.

Step 2. Join a Campaign and select your Banners

Log in to your Affiliate Account and select from our range of banners and text links. Then, simply copy and paste the code provided for each Campaign into your website and begin generating income immediately. Also use your referrals codes in your emails and promote our products each time you send an email.

Step 3. Track your Sales

Reliable Tracking & Advanced Reporting: To help our affiliates earn more, we focus on conversions, provide detailed tracking reports, implement sophisticated tracking systems and create customized campaigns. Furthermore, we will continually enhance our material and campaigns for optimal conversions. In addition, we will generate Brand Awareness and use other Advertising Programs (ie. Google Adsense) to generate traffic.

Multiple Services: We've rolled the Affiliate Programs for all of our Products & Services into one Network. This means that our affiliates have a single ID, a single login page and a single Payment made each month. However you can promote each and every one of our services:
* Online Shopping
* Buyme Email Campaign 2006
* Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration & Internet Services
* - Australia Wide Real Estate Listings
* - Free Classifieds

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